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When someone we love dies by suicide, the grieving process can be more complex and even more difficult to resolve. Although there are many similarities with other types of bereavement feelings are often more intense. Many of our Bereavement Support Volunteers have undertaken specialist training in supporting people bereaved by suicide and Cruse Bedfordshire can offer face to face support or group support.


Group Support

The group is specifically to support adults who have been bereaved by suicide. This can be recently or longer ago but you must have been bereaved more than 3 months when the group starts. Our experience has shown that those who are recently bereaved  may still be experiencing a high level of shock and find it difficult to share their feelings or to listen to other peoples' stories.  We hope the group will enable people to share, listen, give and receive mutual support.


The group is facilitated by trained and experience Cruse Bereavement Supporters who have worked with people bereaved by suicide on a one to one basis and within groups.  The facilitators will guide the sessions but the greatest help often comes from meeting others who have been through the same experience.


Generally sessions will follow a simple format. There will be a discussion of a relevant topic, the chance to share your story, feelings and experiences. Sometimes people may just want to sit and listen but it is important to share and discuss feelings and emotions too. People will be encouraged to do what is right for them and never made to do anything that makes them uncomfortable.  


The group meets every fortnight for 6 sessions. Each session is 2 hours and we ask that you committ to attend all sessions. We do not put members of the same family in the same group or two unrelated people that knew the same person who took their own life in the same group. This is because if friends or family members attend the same group they may not be able to express themselves fully for fear of upsetting their friend or loved one.


If you are interested in joining our next group it is essential that you meet with our assessors prior to the first session so that together you can decide if a group experience is right for you and you can ask any questions.

If you are interested in joining the support group please call our help line on 0300 200 4108 or email


Other organisations who can help

The Suicide Bereavement Support Partnership (SBSP) is the UK’s national hub for organisations and individuals working across the UK to support people who have been bereaved or affected by suicide.


The Help is at Hand guide is produced by Public Health England and the National Suicide Prevention Alliance.


Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide is a self-help organisation which exists to meet the needs and break the isolation of those bereaved by the suicide of a close relative or friend.

Bereavement by suicide